I started physical therapy with Jen after a bad foreign body reaction to a urethral sling.  The sling was fully removed 8 weeks after it was implanted.  There was extensive scarring and adhesions along the urethral tubes and vaginal walls.  I was experiencing horrible vaginal/urethral pain and urinary retention.  I could not work or perform normal daily activities due to the debilitating pain.  After twice weekly visits with Jen for a couple of months, the pain was down to a manageable level and the urinary retention was reduced to intermittent episodes.  Prior to this, I had constant retention and pain. It has taken several months of hard work, but with Jen’s help I am now pain-free most days and the retention rarely occurs.  I am very grateful to Jen for her help and feel that I would still be suffering every day if I had not gone to her for physical therapy.  She helped me get my life back and I can’t thank her enough.

–Rhonda M.
Overland Park, KS


I had been suffering from what turned out to be overly tight pelvic floor muscles for more than a decade before I started seeing Jenn.  I had gone to multiple doctors through the years, but after an examination and a couple of tests, I was always told that I was fine, or that I’d just have to learn to deal with the symptoms.  Not only did Jenn recognize and explain the problem, she also never made me feel like I was making a big deal out of nothing or wasting her time with trivial concerns.  After two weeks, I saw a large decrease in the severity of my symptoms, and have continued to see further steady improvements.  I’m so happy that I decided to reach out for answers one more time.
– Josh R.
Blue Springs, MO

My initial visit to Jenn was to treat multiple annoyances that I felt I could live with. I had residual pelvic instability/muscle imbalances from a near fatal car accident, a couple bad falls, and multiple child births. Nobody’s perfect, right? After one visit, I was pleasantly surprised to find a balanced pelvis and less incontinence. Not to mention efficient movement when I biked and hiked with my family. I followed up with Sarah a couple weeks later and left with tools and exercises that improved my own self-awareness so I could hold the changes. These ladies are miracle workers who treat the whole body. Jenn and Sarah care about the well-being of each and every client too. I truly appreciate the education that I took from each visit. I highly recommend  to anyone who accepts the body’s annoying signals as just another thing they can live with, to make the time to see these wonderful physical therapists.
– Lee Anne Jester,  PMA certified pilates instructor
Kansas City, MO


Remember when you thought 30 was old? I do.  Anyone 30 or over knows now that 30 is not nearly as old as we imagined.  At 53, I felt very old.

I don’t appear old; I have been told I look and act much younger than my age. Nevertheless, I felt very old, due to incontinence. I thought incontinence only happened to “old ladies”.  Not so. I have been struggling with the embarrassing, humiliating, confidence-stealing incontinence monster for almost ten years. I finally saw a urologist in 2006, after my bladder emptied completely during a fit of laughter in a parking garage. After much thought, I chose to have an outpatient surgery during which the surgeon injected collagen into my urethra to close it just enough to prevent unexpected leaking. It worked! For about three years. Then, the monster returned. I had the collagen injection surgery a second time. It worked for about two years…then, back to sneezing leaks, coughing leaks, laughing leaks.

For most of 2013, I was leaking two, three four times a day, and it was more than a little. Sometimes, my bladder would completely empty when I did not even have the urge as a warning. It happened at home, while shopping, at work,  sitting, standing, and walking.  Just from a sneeze, a cough, a laugh. It truly sapped my confidence. To wonder if people could smell that little old lady’s wet underpants as she walked by,  Ugh.

I went back to my urologist, Dr. Tomas Griebling, in June 2013. He told me collagen injections are no longer used as a remedy and suggested surgery would be my best bet.  He also recommended I try physical therapy and gave me a list of local providers.  On his recommendation, I called Sarah Dominguez at Foundational Concepts, Specialty Physical Therapy.  Sarah’s Specialty is Pelvic Dysfunction.

She listened to my story and said she thought PT could help me. I was reluctant because of my high deductible, my health insurance would not cover any of the cost. In fact, I decided not to even try PT because of the cost. I just kept on leaking and feeling old. One Saturday, I had three glasses of wine and my bladder completely emptied as I was getting ready to have a romantic encounter with my husband. That was my breaking point.

I called Sarah and made an appointment. At my first session, Sarah gave me exercises to do at home and a special trick to teach my bladder to slow down and wait for me. The trick worked (and works!) so well, I made it through the rest of that Friday and through the entire weekend without one tiny leak! 10 years of leaking, and I went three days without so much as a drop!  I am so grateful to Sarah for her confidence in the techniques she teaches. I feel confident, young and hopeful again. This program worked so well for me that Dr. Griebling and I agreed surgery is no longer necessary. I baked him a cake. I gave Sarah a big hug! I highly recommend Sarah Dominguez at Foundational Concepts for Pelvic Physical Therapy.
– Katherine V.
Gardner, KS

After undergoing a cesarean section I expected my body to change, but I was not prepared for the extent of problems I would encounter.  Previously healthy and active, I suddenly had constant back pain, right hip pain, a feeling of being unbalanced, and intercourse with my husband was unbearable.  I work as an Occupational Therapist requiring lifting patients.  I felt I was not only harming myself but putting my patients at risk.  I sought help from outpatient physical therapy, chiropractic, late night Google sessions, and endless exercise programs.  I improved some, but not enough.  I remained dysfunctional.  It was after a single visit with Sarah that I began to feel relief.  She devoted time listening to me, assessed my body, provided extensive education, and showed me a solution.  The cesarean section left my pelvic floor muscles tight and in constant contraction.  Sarah taught me how to relax them.  She guided me in how to retrain my body to work synergistically.  Sarah even followed up with me after treatments to ensure I was making progress.  She gave me back hope.  Now I can work out, feel confident lifting my patients, enjoy intimacy with my husband, and I am pain free.

– Allie M.
Prairie Village, KS


To anyone newly diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, the disease seems like the end. The end of our happiness, our well being, and the life we knew. I have been there and have felt that fear. But there is hope and light to be found, and I am living proof that it can and will get better. So much of my remarkable improvement is thanks so the physical therapy and muscle retraining I underwent under the expert and compassionate guidance of Sarah Dominguez. She will work with you at your own pace to help you understand why you are in pain and how to change the way your body functions in order to promote relief and a happier, healthier life. She has gone to such incredible lengths to help me heal, and I am at the point where I only go in for a bladder treatment once every four or five weeks. I recommend her to the highest degree!

– Megan A.
Kansas City, KS


Jennifer Cumming is the consummate professional, and is extremely knowledgeable in the physical therapy field, especially pelvic floor physical therapy. I find the office environment at Foundational Concepts to be inviting, and non-stressful. Jennifer has created a complete orthopedic wellness plan following surgery that has made an outstanding difference in my quality of life. Office visits, at-home therapeutic exercise plans, stabilization and sound advice on living well with a disability. Jennifer and her colleagues at Foundational Concepts are extremely compassionate and are superior quality care providers. I recommend their services to all who ask about my experiences following orthopedic surgery. Foundational Concepts is also exceptional in their efforts to coordinate care with my entire medical team in other specialties (traditional and holistic). The physical therapy and emotional support I found through Jennifer Cumming at Foundational Concepts truly changed my life for the better.
-Mi’Chielle C.
Emporia, KS



I met Jenn and Sarah in 2011 after almost a year of searching for the cause of my pelvic pain.  The pain had become so severe it was disrupting both my work and home life, and had left me very frustrated because no doctor seemed to have an idea what was going on.  It was very embarrassing, because it’s not something men like to talk about…to anyone.
Thanks to the caring treatment given to me by both Jenn and Sarah, I am now able to function almost pain free in my daily life, as long as I follow the guidance they gave me for self-care.  They treated my condition respectfully, thoughtfully and professionally, and gave me the tools to manage my condition for the rest of my life.  No drugs, no surgery…and no more ‘not knowing.’
I highly recommend their services to anyone who is suffering from chronic pelvic pain of any type!
– John W.
Lee’s Summit MO
Sarah and I have been working together for several weeks.  My pelvic pain is related to scar tissue from surgery, poor body mechanics (carrying a grandchild on my hip), weak glutes, hip flexors that weren’t working correctly and a weak core.  I’m learning to stabilize my pelvis, strengthen my glutes, retrain my muscles and to relieve a sudden attack (internal cramping) on my own.  Sarah, through internal manipulation is releasing some scar tissue and helping to desensitize sore tendons, ligaments and internal muscles.  It’s an education to realize that hips, back, glutes, quads, abs and diaphragm all work together.  When one body part (even very small ones) get either out of alignment or injured, there is a domino effect.  Likewise, soothing one area can carry over to other areas and all is relieved. Stress, which tends to tighten up all of my muscles, is also a factor.  This is a specialty physical therapy and focused.  The results have been remarkable.  I went in with pain and am now, pain free.  I’m on, what I call, a maintenance routine.  I can set an appointment when I feel I need one, just to check out my body and fine tune the manipulations and strengthening exercises.  I want to maintain what we’ve accomplished.  I appreciate the sensitivity, kindness, knowledge and smile that Sarah brings to our sessions.  She has a very professional manner and is easy to talk to.  There isn’t anything that cannot be discussed.  I find it truly amazing that many physicians don’t know about pelvic pain physical therapy.  It was my inquisitiveness, reading and searching on the internet that I found help and relief from pain.
– Janet S.
Merriam, KS